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Governor’s Paid FMLA Bill Headed to Senate »
Lamont Backs Off ‘Forced’ School Consolidation; Needleman Pitches Bill to Allow Easier Cooperation »
Wall Street Upgrades Outlook On Connecticut Bonds »
Transportation Committee Readies Vote On Tolls »
Bridgeport Lawmaker Remembered As Quiet, Effective Leader »
Poll Finds That Tolls Are Still Unpopular »
OP-ED | Selling The Public On Tolls Is a Tall Order »
OP-ED | A Grab Bag of Gripes: Normalized Lying, Social-Media Shenanigans & Politicized Pensions »
Despite New DOT Commissioner’s Concerns, Transportation Votes To Draft Authority Bill »
Democratic Majority Gives Advocates Hope For Path To $15 Minimum Wage »
Dems Push For Public Option »
Connecticut Residents Don’t Agree On Tolls, But Want Better Roads »
Committee Urged To Allow Farmers to Cultivate Hemp in Connecticut »
Regional School Hearing Draws Large Crowd »
Lamont Nominates Business Executive With Technology Background to DMV »
Lamont Asks The Business Community For Help Selling Connecticut »
Commissioner Admits Cutting Overtime With Trooper Shortage Will Be Difficult »
OP-ED | The Painful Reality Of Having Few Good Choices »
Lamont Nominates Deloitte Executive, Former Talk Show Host To Insurance Commissioner »
Lamont Takes Steps To Address Opioid Epidemic »
Lamont Says Tolling All Vehicles Is The Best Solution »
Lamont Offers No Tax Relief To Hospitals »
Lamont Asks Labor for a ‘Connecticut Moment’ »
Lamont Plan Calls For 53 Toll Gantries And ‘Graduated Reduction’ in the Gas Tax »
Lamont Faces Opposition To New Taxes »
Legalizing Marijuana Gets Mention In Lamont’s Budget Address »
Lamont’s Budget Will Tax Services, Some Goods »
Budget Proposal Includes Reduced Transportation Bonding, Toll Proposal »
Labor Says It Won’t Entertain Lamont’s Request For Concessions »
Lamont Will Need to Confront ‘Iceberg’ of Unfunded Pension Liabilities »

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