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Report: Hundreds of State Bridges Need Repair »
Report: Drug Overdose Deaths Hold Steady, But Fentanyl Use Is On The Rise »
Blumenthal To Join Lawsuit For Kavanaugh Documents »
Blumenthal Leads Effort to Delay Kavanaugh Hearing »
Lamont Looks To November »
Ghost Gun Issue Pushes Its Way Into 2018 Campaign »
Blumenthal Tours Health Centers To Warn of ‘Short Term’ Insurance Plans »
Connecticut Republicans Walk The Line In Criticizing Trump for Helsinki Summit »
Connecticut Senators Will Vote ‘No’ On Kavanaugh »
Connecticut Senators Ready To Take Judicial Selection To The People »
Supreme Court Confirmation Battle Looms Ahead »
Trump Reverses Course on Child Separation »
Commuter Rail Opens For Business »
Internal Report Criticizes Comey’s Handling of Clinton Investigation »
Blumenthal Encouraged That Trump Emoluments Lawsuit Will Proceed »
Blumenthal Gets Day In Court Over Foreign Emoluments »
HUD Secretary Gets Look At Crumbling Foundation »
Democrats Take A Play From Republicans On Gas Prices »
Trump ‘Terminates’ North Korea Summit »
DC NEWS JUNKIE | Blumenthal Fumes Over Juuling; Himes Not Ready to Impeach Trump »
DC NEWSJUNKIE | Blumenthal, Murphy Seek Relief For Crumbling Concrete »
Connecticut Gets Federal Funds To Protect Voting Systems »
OP-ED | Esty’s Sudden Demise A Sobering Reminder of #MeToo’s Power »
Blumenthal Keeps Focus On Gun Debate »
DC NEWS JUNKIE | Esty Says She Won’t Seek Re-Election »
Democrats Express Disappointment With Esty As Republicans Call For Her Resignation »
Teens Lead March For More Gun Regulations »
Trump’s Tough Talk On Opioids Praised and Panned »
DC NEWS JUNKIE | Congress Takes ‘Incremental’ Step on School Safety »
Dreamers In Limbo As DACA Deadline Reached »

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