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Federal Prosecutor Who Heads Connecticut’s Public Corruption Unit Leaving For Private Practice »
Federal Prosecutors: Conspiracy Was ‘An Affront To Our Most Fundamental Democratic Principles’ »
Former Correction Officer Gets 2 Years For Role In Corruption Scheme »
Braddock’s Attorney Had Planned to Call Sharkey »
Exhibit 66: Soucy Approaches Donovan At Nominating Convention »
Exhibit 111: The Campaign’s Most Important Fundraising Deadline To Date; Braddock Pockets Some Cash »
Exhibit 40: Nassi Tells Undercover Agent It’s Halftime, Plan Is To Stop Them In Second Half »
Exhibit 38: Soucy Calls Braddock, Says He Has Another $10k for Campaign »
Exhibit 3: Breakfast Meeting at Huxley’s in Meriden »
Exhibit 1: Recorded Call Verifies Informant’s Tip from Nov. 2, 2011 »
Exhibits 100a, 100b, 124a, 201a: Soucy Delivers 1st Conduit Payment to Donovan Campaign »
Exhibits 4-8: Braddock Verifies By Email That $2,500 Came From Soucy »
Jury Convicts Braddock On All Three Counts »
ANALYSIS: Will Trial Increase Voter Apathy? »
Prosecutors Highlight Fundraising Efforts, Competition »
Attempted Bribery Scheme Targeted Republicans and Democrats »
Former Speaker’s Voice Heard On Tape; Friend Reminds Reporters He’s Not On Trial »
Lawmakers May Be Asked To Take The Stand »
Seventh Person Pleads Guilty In Campaign Conspiracy »
Former Donovan Campaign Manager To Enter Guilty Plea »
Attorney Concludes Donovan Did Not Trade His Influence For Campaign Cash »

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