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Keeping Score »
Social Security Fix Divides Congress »
DC NEWS JUNKIE | Dooley Sails Through Confirmation Hearing Despite Nor’easter »
Democrats Embrace Tax Exemption Without A Clear Path To Pay For It »
Dems Seek To Make Good On Campaign Promises »
No Shortage of Issues for Lawmakers To Address In 2017 »
Changing Social Security Would Be A Tough Sell »
OP-ED | Candidates Must Commit to Saving Social Security »
Both Parties Look At Eliminating Tax On Social Security Income »
Foley Defends Last-Minute Tax Break »
5th CD ELECTION PROFILE | Greenberg Tests Esty In Her Bid For Second Term In Congress »
Esty, Greenberg Trade Accusations On Social Security To The Bitter End »
5th District Notebook: Greenberg Gets Angry About Attack Ads, Airs More Of His Own »
Esty, Greenberg Focus On 5th’s Many Older Voters In Debate On Social Security »
5th District Notebook: Esty, Greenberg To Debate Guns, Social Security »
Nancy Johnson Defends Greenberg On Social Security, But Differs On Specifics »
Dogs And Dad Featured As Greenberg Defends Stance on Social Security »
ANALYSIS | Esty Campaign Defends Negative Attacks in 5th District Race »
Larson Heckled During Social Security Pitch to Hometown Seniors »
OP-ED | Atoning For Past Sins, Malloy Does Somersaults For Teachers »
Retired Teachers Air Social Security Concerns With U.S. Senate Candidates »
McMahon Blames Press For Silence On Social Security »
OP-ED | Romney & McMahon: Birds of a Feather »
Murphy Keeps McMahon On Defense Over Entitlements »
They Say They’re Not ‘Greedy Geezers’ »
Murphy Hammers McMahon On Social Security Comments »
Roraback To Esty: Stop Misleading Voters »
Lawmakers Offer Solution For Retired Teachers Health Fund »
OP-ED | Seniors’ Message to Congress: We’re Not Pushovers »
Protesters Say Don’t Extend Tax Cuts to Wealthy »

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