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Tag: “State Elections Enforcement Commission”

The Slow Trickle of Public Financing »
SEEC Commissioner Calls It The ‘Perfect Storm’ »
Two Republicans Sue Election Regulators »
Where’s The Money? »
Ted Kennedy Jr. Won’t Seek Re-Election To Senate »
Senate Praises Bipartisan Budget & Sends It To House »
Special Interest Funding Drops Under Clean Election Program »
Election Regulators Call On Malloy To Save Clean Elections »
Republican Lawmakers, State Election Regulators Spar During Hearing »
SEEC Says Ganim Should Not Be Allowed To Participate In Public Financing »
Ganim Contemplates Statewide Office, Asks For Access To Public Funds »
House Dems Continue Push To Change Campaign Laws »
Election Regulators Look to Clean Up Connecticut’s Clean Election Laws »
Democrats Say Federal Inquiry Into 2014 Fundraising Is Over »
Democrats Pick Fight With Republicans Over Campaign Financing »
Controversial Labor Group Disbands Post-Election »
Top Election Regulator Dismisses Idea That Election Is ‘Rigged’ »
Republican Chairman: Democratic Candidate Is Violating Election Law By Using Trump »
OP-ED | Rowlandesque: Malloy’s Baffling Watchdog Gambit »
Election Regulators Experience Backlog As Funding Disappears »
Malloy Has Not Received Subpoena From Federal Investigators »
Attorney For Election Regulators: Dems Tried To ‘Stonewall and Stymie’ Investigation »
Dems Would Scrap Clean Election Program To Balance Budget »
Hearing Postponed; Democratic Party, Election Regulators to Get Their Day in Court Thursday »
Top Election Regulator Refuses To Be Deposed By Democratic Party »
With Jury Selection Scheduled for Monday, Ayala Pleads Guilty in Bridgeport »
Election Regulators Move Forward in Case Against Democratic Party »
State Election Regulators Want to Take Democratic Party To Court to Enforce Subpoena »
Republicans Look To Revise Election Laws »
Lawyer Accuses Government of ‘Cherry Picking’ Campaign Violations to Prosecute Newton »

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