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Tag: “Voting”

OP-ED | Students Restore Faith in the Future with ‘March For Our Lives’ »
Down To The Wire, Republican Leader’s Request For Contracts Is Ignored »
Republicans Offer Budget Proposal, But There’s Still No Compromise »
Disabled Voters to Use New, State-of-the-Art System Nov. 8 »
Brookfield Woman Sues After GOP Officials Bar Her From Voting In Republican Primary »
Connecticut’s Civic Participation Increases With Income »
OP-ED | Democrats Need To Get Serious About Bringing Young People Into The Party »
OP-ED | To Improve Democracy, Lower the Voting Age »
Counting Prisoners As Local Residents Distorts Voting Districts, Advocate Says »
OP-ED | No More Spoilers? Instant Runoff Voting Makes Third Parties Viable, Improves Democracy »
Bill Mandating Accountability For Election Officials Is Headed to Governor’s Desk »
VoteTocracy Hopes to Bridge Gap Between Voters and Congress »
Malloy Campaign Heads to Court After Early Confusion at Hartford Polls; Obama Calls WNPR »
House Moves Closer to Asking Voters for Permission to Change Voting Laws »
OP-ED | Voting Reforms Must Go Forward Wisely »
OP-ED | Voting Requires Vigilance. Popular Isn’t Always Prudent »
Registrar Blames Voters For Election Day Confusion »
State Used Primary to Pilot New Election Results Reporting System »
Civil Rights Leader Applauds Direction of CT’s Voting Legislation »
17? Register to Vote By April 23 »
House Approves Voting Law Changes, But Not Without Delay »
10 Towns Consolidate, Move Polling Locations »
Op-Ed | Open Up the Primaries »
Merrill Seeks Constitutional Amendment To Allow Early Voting »
Advocates Hope Prison-based Gerrymandering Will Be Addressed »

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