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Tag: “budget cuts”

State Renegotiates Television Network Contract »
Wall Street Gives Mixed Review of Education Ruling »
OP-ED | If We Don’t Grow, There Will Be More Scotlands »
Bipartisan Talks To Begin Next Week »
OP-ED | Time For Troopers To Step Up On Fringe Benefits »
Disability Advocates Make Final Push For Funding Before Legislators Unveil Their Budgets »
OP-ED | Malloy’s Dizzying Budget Storm Targets Towns »
Malloy: Let Towns Pay For Resident Troopers »
OP-ED | Welcome To Connecticut . . . Now Hold Your Nose »
OP-ED | Common Sense Should Prevail In Vo-Tech Discussion »
Cuts to Developmental Programs Leave Parents Angry, Scrambling in Connecticut »
Senate President: Overriding Malloy’s Budget Line Vetoes Would Be ‘Largely Symbolic’ »
More State Employee Layoffs »
OP-ED | Connecticut’s Fiscal Crisis Has Reached a Middle »
OP-ED | Redux: The Proposed Closing of UConn’s Torrington Campus »
CT-N Among Casualties of Bipartisan Budget Deal »
OP-ED | Pick Your Poison on Budget Plans »
Malloy Defends Proposed Budget Cuts At Town Hall In Middletown »
Malloy Budget Plan Aims Cuts At Living And Dead »
Raises For State Managers Delayed As Budget Talks Begin »
Republicans, Democrats Continue To Squabble Over Special Session »
Malloy Stops Short Of Agreeing To Change Emergency Budget Cuts; Fasano Fires Back at Sharkey »
Legislative Leaders, Governor Meet To Discuss Budget Changes »
Librarians Call Upon Lawmakers To Restore Funding »
People Behind The Budget Cuts Make Their Pitch »
OP-ED | Proposal to Cut Health Neighborhoods Misguided »
OP-ED | Resident State Trooper Program A Low-Hanging Fruit »
OP-ED | School-Based Health Centers Must Be a Budget Priority »
Community Providers Warn Against Budget Cuts »
Advocates Rally Against Cuts for Individuals With Developmental Disabilities »

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