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Tag: “Budget Deficit”

Lawmakers Ready Bipartisan Spending Package »
Four Months Later, A Budget Deficit Still Lingers »
Legislation Trickles In As Session Approaches »
Day 52 of the Budget Impasse »
No Budget Deal For Thursday »
Cities and Towns Try To Grab Lawmakers’ Attention »
State Bond Commission To Meet; Malloy To Ask For More Time on Revised Budget »
State Official, Economist Agree Increasing Revenues Will Not Help Connecticut »
Democratic Lawmakers Defend Citizens Election Program »
Union Refocuses Attention On Malloy’s Budget Proposal In Latest TV Ad »
Malloy Expresses Urgency In Labor Negotiations »
Drop In Income Tax Receipts Plunge Connecticut’s Budget Further Into Deficit »
No Shortage of Issues for Lawmakers To Address In 2017 »
Comptroller Lembo Projects A $42M Budget Deficit »
Malloy’s Budget Office Says Deficit Is Only $5.7M »
Revenue Continues to Fall As State Looks To Rainy Day Fund »
House Sends ‘Unpleasant’ Budget With Deep Spending Cuts To Malloy »
Barnes: 2016 Budget Is Back In The Red - $141.1M »
Layoffs Begin »
Layoffs Loom Large As Lawmakers Join In Call For Concessions »
Dems Need More Time To Come Up With Budget Proposal »
Bill That Penalizes Large Employers For Paying Low Wages Gets A Public Hearing »
Lembo Sides With OFA, Pegs Budget Deficit at $219.9M »
Malloy Administration Cancels Raises For Non-Union Managers »
Connecticut’s 2016 Budget Deficit Continues To Grow »
Malloy, Wyman To Take Budget On The Road »
Leaked Budget Documents Show 5.75 Percent Cut In Spending »
Barnes Predicts $7.1M Deficit »
Republican Accuses Malloy of Offering ‘False’ Budget Narrative »
ANALYSIS | Deficit Déjà Vu: Connecticut’s Budget Crisis Could Continue Into the Next Decade »

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