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Tag: “Campaign Finance”

OP-ED | Felons, Millionaires, and Nobodies: The Race for Governor »
Special Interest Funding Drops Under Clean Election Program »
UConn Researchers Find Business, Labor Unions Aren’t Driving Super PACs »
Independent Expenditure Groups Scored Big In Connecticut On Election Day »
House Democrats Pitch Changes To Clean Election System; Republicans Say They’re Hypocrites »
Even As Political Spending Explodes, Disclosure Remains Hazy »
OP-ED | The Long, Quiet Death of Campaign Finance Reform »
Election Regulators Move Forward in Case Against Democratic Party »
OP-ED | Nobody Scores! The Winners and Losers of Session 2015 »
State Election Regulators Serve Democrats With Investigatory Subpoena; Republicans Draw Line In Sand »
Election Advocates Vouch for Public Financing As Citizens United Turns Five »
Jury Returns Split Verdict In Campaign Finance Case »
Former Lawmaker’s Fate In Hands of Jury »
Lawyer Accuses Government of ‘Cherry Picking’ Campaign Violations to Prosecute Newton »
Early Legislation Focuses On Term Limits, Campaign Finance »
OP-ED | Omnibus? Try Ominous »
OP-ED | Connecticut Legislature Should Close Loopholes to Preserve Citizens Election Program »
OP-ED | Connecticut’s Publicly-Funded Campaign System Is A Joke »
Dems Ask Judge To Dismiss GOP Lawsuit »
Jury Finds Rowland Guilty On All 7 Counts; Attorney Vows Appeal »
OP-ED | Can’t Stop the Campaign Cash Flow »
Jury Deliberating Rowland’s Fate »
Wilson-Foley Sentencing Postponed; Court Gives Permission To Travel to France »
Elections Regulator Says Connecticut’s Campaign Finance System Will Withstand SCOTUS’ Decision »
Feds Tell Donovan The Case Is Closed »
OP-ED | Sorting Through The Mud: Understanding the Campaign Finance System »
State Bond Commission To End Year With Political Fundraising Controversy »
OP-ED | Democrats Should Rethink Their Embrace of Big Money »
Lawyer Asks for Leniency In Sentencing Former Correction Officer »
Malloy Mostly Mum On Cali »

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