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Tag: “Consumer Protection”

HUD Secretary Gets Look At Crumbling Foundation »
Blumenthal Cites Loss of Deduction for Crumbling Foundations: ‘This Hits Connecticut Harder’ »
Physicians Board Seeks To Broaden Medical Marijuana »
OP-ED | Increasing Minimum Mandatory Auto Insurance Limits Helps Urban Residents the Most »
State Lawmakers Make Plea To Colleagues Over Crumbling Foundations »
Medical Marijuana Program Continues To Grow, As Debate About Legalization Continues »
Malloy Appoints Deputy To Head Consumer Protection »
Harris Makes Gubernatorial Bid Official »
Harris Steps Down From Consumer Protection »
Self-Serve Beer And Wine Machines OK’d By House »
Liquor Retailers Agree To Increase Prices & One Agrees To Pay Penalty »
Malloy Is Not Telling Retailers To Stop Violating The Law »
OP-ED | The Tesla Imbroglio: Empires Survive And Consumers Lose »
Blumenthal Wants Consumer Reviews Protected From ‘Non-Disparagement’ Fine Print »
State Officials Warn Against Business Scam »
Three More Conditions Could Be Added To Medical Marijuana Program »
State Launches ‘Business Finder’ App For Emergencies »
Lawmakers Seek To Ban Variable Rate Electricity Contracts »
Consumer Protection Commissioner Will Retire; Public Health, DEEP Commissioners to Stay »
House Gives Final Passage to Consumer Protections »
Consumer Protection Approves Six Marijuana Dispensaries »
Public Vets Medical Marijuana Regulations »
Committee Postpones Vote On Medical Marijuana Regulation »

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