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Tag: “Death penalty”

Senate Rejects McDonald’s Elevation To Chief Justice »
McDonald Confirmation to Chief Justice Squeaks Through House »
Debate Over Confirmation Continues, Lawmaker Recuses Herself »
Judiciary Committee Throws McDonald’s Elevation To Chief Justice Into Question »
ANALYSIS | Dogged By Tough Economy, Malloy Still Stacks Up Accomplishments »
General Assembly Reconfirms Supreme Court Justice Richard Palmer »
Supreme Court Upholds Death Penalty Repeal For All, Including Those On Death Row »
Court Asked To Reverse Itself On Death Penalty »
5th District Notebook: Esty Defends Opposition To Death Penalty »
Poll: Connecticut Voters Support Stricter Gun Control Laws, Medical Marijuana »
Voters Approve of Aid-In-Dying, Pan Malloy Refund As ‘Political Gimmick’ »
Justices Hear Arguments in Death Penalty Repeal »
Esty Says Roraback ‘Waffled’ on Death Penalty Repeal; Roraback Stands By His Vote »
Lawyer: ‘Ultimately No One Is Going to be Executed in the State of Connecticut’ »
Death Row Legal Team Seeks to Argue Abolition For All »
Lawmakers, Activists Talk About How They Repealed The Death Penalty »
OP-ED | No Easy Answers on Death Penalty »
Q-Poll: Voters Disapprove of Death Penalty Ban, But Back Minimum Wage Hike »
Lawmaker Guided By Experience As Defense Attorney »
Exonerated Prisoner Encourages House To Repeal Death Penalty »
OP-ED | Changing One’s Mind Gracefully Pays Off »
Senate Passes Death Penalty Repeal With A Little Breathing Room »
Senate Democrats To Amend Death Penalty Repeal, Victims’ Families Make Plea »
Senate To Raise Death Penalty Repeal Wednesday »
NAACP President, Malloy Meet On Death Penalty »
‘Death and Dope on the Same Day’ »
Death Penalty Repeal Still A Tough Sell In Senate »
OP-ED | The Sense of Sentencing »
Prague On The Fence Over Death Penalty, Wyman Ready To Break Tie »
2012 Session Will Bring Another Death Penalty Debate »

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