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State Police Lieutenant Under Internal Investigation for Misuse of Connecticut Flag »
Sharkey Admits Mistakes Were Made In Balancing Budget »
Murphy Asks Pentagon to Look At ‘Misconduct’ Dismissals For Soldiers with Mental Health Disorders »
Advocates for People with Intellectual Disabilities Say State Has No Plan For Them »
Human Services Committee Chairwoman Tells Advocates They Are Being Heard »
3D Printer Provides Opportunity to Make an Impression at New London Library »
Advocates Want Lawmakers to Understand Effect of Budget Cuts on Low Wage Earners »
Decline in State Funding for Libraries Begs Regionalization Question »
Municipalities Around Hartford Continue to Mull New Casino »
‘If Mayors Ruled the World’ author urges Connecticut municipal leaders to seize power from state »
Murphy Asks ‘Fed Up’ Commuters How to Improve Roads and Rails »
Study Finds $15 Minimum Wage Isn’t Enough in Connecticut »
Business, Labor and Municipal Groups Announce Collaboration Amid Divisive Political Climate »
Study: State Worker Benefits Are 25-46 Percent Above Private Sector in Connecticut »
Advocates Hope California Aid-In-Dying Law Will Spur Action in Connecticut »
DCF Staffers Say Allegations of Abuse Are Wrong »
Blumenthal, Murphy Call Congress Complicit in Mass Slaughter »
Tribes Search Out Municipal Partners for New Casino, But Offer Few Project Details »
Malloy’s Emergency Budget Cuts Face Growing Bipartisan Opposition »
Experts Say Relationships Are Key To Reversing Expulsion Trends Among Early Education Students »
Malloy Touts Continuing Drop in Crime »
Environmental Scorecard Shows More and More Lawmakers Toeing the Green Line »
New Data Indicates Racial Disparities in Traffic Stops Continue Amid Seasonal Variations »
Study Recommends New Approach to Treating Family Violence Cases »
Election Regulators Move Forward in Case Against Democratic Party »
MGM Says Tribal Partnership Furthers Unconstitutional Process »
Tax Panel Seeks Public Feedback »
Shoreline Republicans: Propane Tax Punishes the Prepared »
Federal Funds Help State Address Almost 1,000 Untested Rape Kits »
Tribes Forge Partnership to Protect Against Outside Interests »

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