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Tag: “Energy”

Larson Pushing Natural Gas as Transportation Fuel »
Energy Bill Heads To House, Solar Installers Object »
Customers Pan Eversource Rate Request »
Dominion Close To Winning Opportunity to Bid »
New Englanders Are Concerned About Climate Change, But Unwilling To Pay Rate Increases »
Nonprofit Says Connecticut Greenhouse Gas Emissions Are Climbing »
Stalled Green Energy Projects May Jolt Legislators »
Governors Renew Their Cooperation To Region’s Energy Challenge, Under Protest »
Report Blames Renewable Energy For Higher Costs, Proponents Say It’s ‘Misleading’ »
Malloy Touts State’s Progress Toward Reducing Greenhouse Gas »
Committee Poised To Approve New Wind Turbine Regulations »
OP-ED | Wind Siting Regulations Will Help Secure Connecticut’s Clean Energy Future »
Trash Authority Seeks Renewable Energy Credits »
Construction Union Welcomes Malloy’s Approach To Energy »
Energy Affordability Gap Grows As Government Assistance Shrinks »
Auditors Say CRRA Must Reinvent Itself »
Malloy Meets With Quebec Premier »
UConn Will Recycle Wastewater »
Survey: Businesses Go Green »
Esty, Malloy Claim Victory Over Energy Policy Issues »
Energy Conservation Funds Raided In Budget »
Investor Call Delays Renewable Energy Debate »
Lawmakers Lukewarm On Canadian Hydro »
Will Your Electricity Be Sold To The Highest Bidder? »
Malloy, Lawmakers Pressured To Allow Tax To Expire »
Energy Costs Still Out Of Reach For Many »
Lawyer: Cost of Natural Gas Conversion May Outweigh Benefits »
Energy Debate Will Continue Through New Year »
Carla’s Pasta VP: ‘In Connecticut, The Government Works’ »
Will Malloy & Legislature Sunset Tax? »

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