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Tong Wins Democratic Endorsement, But Faces Primary »
Victory Lap on Sexual Harassment Bill May Have Been Premature »
As YouTube Cowers, Gun Bills Advance »
Lawmakers, Correction Officials Look To Change Treatment of Female Prisoners »
Hundreds Wait To Testify On Gun Accessories »
Gun Control Advocates Ready For Marches »
Top Prosecutor, Police Chiefs Grilled About Opposition To Domestic Violence Bill »
Malloy Isn’t Considering Withdrawing McDonald’s Nomination »
OP-ED | Andrew McDonald and the Washington-ization of Connecticut Politics »
Judiciary Committee Throws McDonald’s Elevation To Chief Justice Into Question »
Bump Stocks and ‘Ghost Guns’ Are Up For Debate »
Malloy Elevates Three Justices, Including Two To Connecticut Supreme Court »
Union Officials Criticize Judicial Nominations With Concessions On The Horizon »
Judiciary Committee Defeats The Governor’s Proposal To Raise the Age »
Recreational Pot Snuffed Out By Judiciary Committee »
Judiciary Committee Races To Finish Line »
Bill Codifying Solitary Confinement Practices Advances »
When Push Comes To Shove, Hate Crimes Bill Wins Bipartisan Support »
Connecticut’s Top Law Enforcement Officer Says Gun Permit Bill Doesn’t Offend the Constitution »
Lawmakers Wait On Federal Judge to Decide In-Person Testimony on Immigration »
Judiciary Committee Approves Two Key Juvenile Justice Reform Bills »
Conservative, Free Market Group and Malloy Agree On Bail Reform »
Republican Lawmaker Expresses Concern Over Raising The Age »
Dem Lawmakers, Malloy Renew Push To Take Guns Away From Those Accused of Domestic Violence »
Legislature Eyes Law To Crack Down On School Threats »
Claims Commissioner Resigns Following Controversial Award »
OP-ED | State Reps Need to Grow Up and Model the Behavior We Expect From Our Kids »
Proponents Say Aid-In-Dying Bill Is Dead »
Lawmakers Look To Expand Medical Marijuana Program to Children »
Catholic Church Delivers 21,000 Signatures In Opposition to Aid-In-Dying Bill »

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