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Tag: “Lisa Wilson-Foley”

Federal Prosecutor Who Heads Connecticut’s Public Corruption Unit Leaving For Private Practice »
Rowland Attorney Fights For Former Governor’s Freedom During Appeal »
Rowland, Wilson-Foley Could Be Heading to ‘Country Club’ Prisons »
Former Congressional Candidate Gets 5 Months In Prison »
Rowland Sentenced to 30 Months on Corruption Charges »
Judge Denies Rowland’s Motion For New Trial »
Feds Say Rowland Got A Fair Trial »
Attorney’s Notes Back Rowland Claim That Prosecutors Withheld Evidence »
Courant Seeks To Unseal Documents In Rowland Case »
Sentencing for Rowland Co-Conspirator Postponed Again »
Sentencing Postponed for Former Congressional Candidate »
Rowland Co-Conspirator Gets 3 Years Probation »
Judge Postpones Rowland’s Sentencing »
The Land of Steady Habits Holds Steady In 2014 »
Prosecutors Ask Judge To Sentence Former Congressional Candidate to 10 Months In Prison »
Senate Republicans Hire Former GOP Chair Chris Healy »
Lawyers Request Probation for Wilson-Foley and Husband »
OP-ED | Rowland’s Desperate Attempt To Stay Relevant »
Feds Balk At Sentence Request By Rowland Attorneys »
Judge Allows Witness Testimony, Defense Rests »
Witness Calls Relationship Between Nursing Home & Campaign ‘Incestuous’ »
Rowland’s Attorney Says Work for Nursing Home Was Legit, Feds Say He Worked More On Campaign »
Feds Say Emails Show Rowland Spent Far More Time On Campaign »
Nursing Home Executives Testify They Never Met Rowland »
Reporter’s Questions Confirm Campaign Manager’s Suspicion About Rowland Contract »
Evidence Shows Rowland Pushed Campaign to Attack Roraback On Death Penalty »
Witness: Campaign Consulting Contract Was Unspoken »
Candidate’s Husband Outlines Scheme To Hide Rowland’s Work For Campaign »
OP-ED | Rowland Trial A Gift From Heaven For Political Junkies »
Rowland’s Attorney Says He Was Looking For Redemption; Feds Say He Wanted Lucrative Contract »

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