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Tag: “Minimum Wage”

Poor People’s Campaign Calls For $15 Minimum Wage »
Minimum Wage Increase Doesn’t Get A Vote »
Business Leaders Campaign Against Minimum Wage, FMLA, Sexual Harassment Training »
OP-ED | Now Is Not The Time To Increase The Minimum Wage »
OP-ED | $15 Minimum Wage Has Unintended Consequences »
Republicans, Democrats Divided On Malloy’s Definition of ‘Fairness’ »
Legislative Democrats Focus on ‘Values’ and ‘Women’ »
ANALYSIS | Dogged By Tough Economy, Malloy Still Stacks Up Accomplishments »
One of Two Minimum Wage Bills Squeaks Through Committee »
Democratic Lawmakers, Advocates Seek Minimum Wage Hike »
Senator Intercepts Valentine’s Day Message »
Lawmakers Push For $15 An Hour Minimum Wage, While Fast Food Workers Hit The Street »
No Shortage of Issues for Lawmakers To Address In 2017 »
With A New Year Comes Some New Laws »
Board Recommends Increase In The Minimum Wage »
OP-ED | Raising the Minimum Wage: Good for Working People, Good for the Economy »
Workers Rally at Capitol To Increase The Minimum Wage »
OP-ED | Union Decline Is Everyone’s Problem »
Profits Are Up, But Connecticut Businesses Are Still Looking To Invest Outside The State »
Debate On $15 An Hour Minimum Wage Continues In Connecticut »
Tough Pill to Swallow for Bernie Supporters »
Senate Tables Debate On Increasing Minimum Wage To $12 An Hour By 2020 »
Poll Finds Support For $15 Minimum Wage, But It Could Be Too Late »
Human Services Approves Bill To Fine Large Employers »
Connecticut’s Minimum Wage To Increase In A Few Days »
OP-ED | Don’t Forget Workers This Holiday Season »
Study Finds $15 Minimum Wage Isn’t Enough in Connecticut »
As Special Session Looms, More Public Statements Against Corporate Greed »
OP-ED | Major Step in Curtailing Wage Theft Merits Support »
OP-ED | The Sub-$15-an-hour Tax: A ‘First’ We Don’t Need »

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