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Enfield Tries New Strategy To Battle Opioid Epidemic »
Body Cam Question: Who’s Playing Gotcha? »
Police Seek Exemption From Gun Law For Mental Health Treatment »
Advocates Push For Primary Aggressor Law »
Follow Up Study Narrows Racial Profiling In Traffic Stops to 18 Police Officers »
Drone Bill Flies Through Committee »
ACLU Report: Cops Make It Tough To Complain About Cops »
OP-ED | Hartford Won’t Indemnify Cops in Killing of Child’s Dog; Officers’ Personal Assets Attached »
Minority Drivers Less Likely To Be Pulled Over After Dark »
Body Cameras Will Become Standard, But Finding Funding Is Still Difficult »
Some Towns May Want Controversial State Police Firing Range »
New Laws to Take Effect Friday »
Malloy Touts Continuing Drop in Crime »
New Data Indicates Racial Disparities in Traffic Stops Continue Amid Seasonal Variations »
State Commits Resources To Reduce Violence in Hartford »
Malloy Signs 268 Bills, Vetoes 9 »
Lawmakers Invoke Memory of Charleston Victims In Passing Police Reforms »
Municipal, Business Leaders Join Forces To Kill A Bill »
Fate of Expanded Workers’ Compensation Bill Still Uncertain »
Excessive Force Bill Top Priority for Black and Puerto Rican Caucus »
OP-ED | The Problem Isn’t (Just) The Police »
Excessive Force Bill Moves Forward Without Police Body Camera Requirement »
OP-ED | On Access to Police Records, the People Have Compromised Too Much Already »
Bill Would Allow Cops to Get Workers’ Comp after Witnessing a Death »
Legislature Considers Rolling Back Court Decision on Police Disclosure »
New York Times Writer Charles M. Blow ‘Fuming’ That Son Was Detained By Yale Police »
‘Never Forgetting Ferguson’ Rally Draws About 200 to Connecticut Capitol »
OP-ED | Torture and Police Shootings: Finding the Balance Between Liberty and Security »
OP-ED | Body Cameras are the Beginning, Not the End, of Police Reform »
With Crime Down to a 40-Year Low, Malloy Touts State Money for Local Police Departments »

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