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Tag: “Revenues”

Parties Disagree Over How Much To Tinker With The Budget »
Divided Over Spending, Again »
General Assembly Votes To Restore Medicare Program, Malloy Still Prepared To Veto »
Connecticut Lawmakers Brace Themselves For Revenue Estimates »
Lembo Certifies $207.8M Deficit That Triggers Mitigation »
Wall Street Watches As Budget Gaps Continue To Pop Up »
Legislative Leaders: Sales Tax Increase Will Be Part of Final Budget »
Another Day Another Wall Street Rating Agency Downgrade »
Budget Negotiations Begin, But There’s No Labor Agreement Yet »
Malloy’s Revisions Continue To Ask Municipalities For Help Balancing The State Budget »
State Official, Economist Agree Increasing Revenues Will Not Help Connecticut »
Lawmakers Engage On Fiscal Crisis »
New Report Challenges Business Community’s Perception of Connecticut’s Economy »
Lembo Says State Will End Year With A $44.6M Deficit »
Lembo Reports Smaller Budget Surplus »
Republicans Call For Hearing On Budget Reporting Discrepancies »
Union Challenges Malloy In Third Ad »
Good Bye 2016, Hello 2017 »
Senate Passes Budget; House Up Next »
Malloy Gives Lawmakers Second Revised Budget »
Barnes: 2016 Budget Is Back In The Red - $141.1M »
Unions Push For Tax Hikes As Layoffs, Budget Cuts Continue »
Malloy Shows Legislature That He Can Balance A Budget »
Malloy: ‘A Rainy Day Fund Should be Used for Rainy Days’ »
Barnes Predicts $7.1M Deficit »
Malloy Lays Out His Vision, Sends Message To Legislature on Taxes & Pensions »
2016 Budget On Track To End With Small Surplus »
Consultant Says Convenience Is Key In Capturing Gambling Revenue »
Advocacy Group Floats Revenue and Tax Options »
Even With Rescissions, Lembo Predicts A $44.8 Million Deficit for Current Fiscal Year »

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