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Tag: “spending cuts”

Malloy Offers Lawmakers A Mix of Tax Increases, Spending Cuts To Erase Red Ink »
Legislative Leaders: Sales Tax Increase Will Be Part of Final Budget »
No Budget Deal For Thursday »
Senate Passes Budget; House Up Next »
With Clock Ticking, Still No Budget Deal »
Stunned Democrats Try To Regroup To Get Budget Deal Without Malloy »
Democratic Leaders Get Budget Ready »
Malloy Shows Legislature That He Can Balance A Budget »
Legislative Leaders, Malloy Continue Negotiations Over 2016 Budget Deficit »
New Coalition Will Lobby For Tax Increase, Equality »
Leaked Budget Documents Show 5.75 Percent Cut In Spending »
Malloy Administration Identifies Savings, But Not Everyone Is Pleased »
Bipartisan Budget Talks Fall Apart; Special Session Set for Tuesday »
State Agencies Asked To Defend Constitutionality of Hospital Tax »
Concerned About Cuts, Recipients and Human Service Providers Remind Lawmakers That ‘People Matter’ »
700 Advocates Storm The Capitol To Thank Lawmakers »
Republicans Hope Budget Hearing Will Rally Public Against Tax Increases »
Malloy Budget Tackles Deficits By Boosting Tax Revenue and Spending Cuts »
OP-ED | Shutdown Is Over, But Cuts Are Still On The Horizon »
OP-ED | Connecticut Can’t Afford Texan Austerity (And Neither Can Texas) »
Connecticut’s Hospitals Brace For Budget Cuts »
Report: Spending Cuts Could Hurt Economy »
Municipal Lobby Cries Foul »
Is The State Budget Like A Household Budget? »
Malloy Remains Hopeful, But Time Is Running Short »
Just How ‘Ugly’ Will Those Cuts Be? »
Report: No Spending Problem Here »
Rell: ‘These Are Not Recommendations That I Endorse or Support’ »

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