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Tag: “State Budget”

Lamont Goes After Stefanowski’s Tax Proposal »
2019 Fiscal Year Starts In The Black »
ANALYSIS | Ned Malloy vs. Bob Trumpowski »
OP-ED | On Education, Candidates Offer Platitudes and Sound Bites, But Few Details »
OP-ED | Challenging School Year Begs the Question: Where Are the Adults? »
ANALYSIS | They Did What? »
Coalition Sues State Over Sweep of Energy Efficiency Funds »
OP-ED | Community Colleges: A Resource Worthy of State Investment »
Bipartisan Budget Approved As Session Draws To A Close »
OP-ED | Six Reasons To Repeal The ‘Doomsday Bond Covenant’ »
State Seeks To Dismiss Hospital Lawsuit »
Lembo Estimates That Connecticut Is On Track To End the Year With A $244.6M Deficit »
Malloy Follows Through With Veto of Medicare Savings Program »
OP-ED | Teacher Pension Predicament Requires Enlightened Solutions »
Three Towns Seek Help After Being Shortchanged In State Budget »
OP-ED | 2017 Gave Us the ‘New Normal,’ And It Was Not Pretty »
Regents Ready Community College Consolidation »
Red Ink Could Trigger Deficit Mitigation »
Survey Finds Residents Believe Business Conditions Are Worsening »
Senate Cleans Up Budget, Forwards It On To House »
Revenues Already Falling Short In Bipartisan Budget »
Wall Street Says Budget Is Good for Connecticut, But Bad for UConn »
Care4Kids Reopens Following Budget Allocation »
Too Soon To Tell What The Fiscal Future Holds »
Malloy Signs Budget, But Makes Changes To Hospital Funding »
Lawmakers May Reconvene To Clarify Hospital Tax »
What Else Was In The Budget? »
Energy Industry Threatens Lawsuit Over State Budget Raid »
Lawmakers Put It In Reverse, Reconsider Ending Motor Vehicle Tax »
Fourth Town Joins CEA Lawsuit »

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