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Blumenthal Backs FDA Efforts to Reduce Nicotine in Cigarettes »
Public Health Committee Forwards Bill To Increase Smoking Age to 21 »
Study: Vaping Can Lead To Smoking »
Anti-Tobacco Activist Pushes Cessation Rather Than Taxation »
Advocate: Compared To NYC, Connecticut’s Approach To Tobacco Tax Is Too Timid »
Lawmakers Weigh Increasing Smoking Age To 21 »
Connecticut Won’t Spend Any Money On Tobacco Prevention This Year »
New Report Will Help Guide Connecticut Legislation On E-Cigarettes »
How Does Connecticut Measure Up In Fight Against Cancer? »
Yale Researchers Find Connecticut May Have To Rethink E-Cigarette Policies »
State Still Diverting Dollars Meant to Prevent Smoking to General Fund »
OP-ED | Balancing Budget On Sin Taxes is Shortsighted, Reckless »
Federal Appeals Court Upholds Braddock’s Sentence »
FDA Wants To Regulate E-Cigarettes, State Still Plans Legislative Action »
Blumenthal, Esty Tackle Bubblegum Flavored E-Cigarettes »
Malloy Tours Tobacco Field Damaged By Tornado »
Tobacco Settlement Boosts Revenue, But Doesn’t Resolve Budget Woes »
Former Speaker’s Voice Heard On Tape; Friend Reminds Reporters He’s Not On Trial »
Lawmakers May Be Asked To Take The Stand »
Hookah Headaches »
Tobacco Shop Owner Pleads Guilty In Campaign Finance Scheme »
Lawmakers May Consider Ban on Smoking In Cars With Children »
Lil’ Tobacco Snuffed Out By Congress »
Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em »
State Cracks Down On Lil’ Tobacco With Licensing Fee Proposal »

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