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Toll Vote Expected Next Week »
DEMOCRATS | March Madness Election 2018 - Round 2 »
REPUBLICANS | March Madness Election 2018 - Round 2 »
WILDCARDS | March Madness Election 2018 - Round 2 »
Republican Attempt To Flex Muscles Over Labor Contracts Fails »
Pelto Officially Out of Race »
Biden Says Progress Is Being Made On Gun Control »
Vote Postponed Until Search Warrants Are Released »
Congress Avoids ‘Fiscal Cliff’; Most of CT Delegation Votes In Favor »
CT Polls Will Be Open Next Tuesday, Even If There’s No Power »
Death Penalty Repeal Headed to Governor’s Desk »
Republican Lawmakers Support Union’s Right To Vote »
OP-ED | Voting Rights: ‘Disenfranchise’ This! »
OP-ED | Some In CT Delegation Made Wrong Choice On Defense Bill »
Democrats Win Big Tuesday In Some City Elections »
Help Us Monitor the Polls on Election Day »
Restoration Will Take A Week; Malloy Extends Registration Deadline »
Mobile App Helps Voters Find Their Polling Place »
They Said ‘Yes’ »
Executive Branch Prepares For Results Of Union Vote »
State Trooper Wouldn’t Have Left Municipal Department »
Layoffs Move Forward; Unions To Vote On Bylaws Next Week »
Union Vote Continues, AFSCME Vote Could Be Key »
Four Out Of 15 Unions Vote In Favor Of The Agreement »
Malloy Won’t Make Promises If Labor Agreement Fails »
First Few Bargaining Groups Vote In Favor of Concessions »
Union Voting Begins, Integrity of Vote Called Into Question By Some »
Senate Moves Forward With Budget Vote Monday, Without Gas Tax »
Budget Vote Before Tuesday »

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