Himes Comments on the Latest NSA Revelations

by | Aug 16, 2013 4:22pm
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U.S. Rep Jim Himes, a member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence, issued a statement this afternoon in response to a Washington Post article that revealed the NSA violated its own rules for electronic surveillance 2,776 times.

Himes statement is below:

“I am quite disturbed by the news that the NSA violated laws and internal procedures established to protect Americans’ privacy nearly 3,000 times in just one year. I have been assured by the leadership in the intelligence community and by the President that there has been no abuse of these programs. These assurances factored into my decision to vote against the Amash amendment to the Defense Appropriations Act, so this new report is profoundly concerning to me. While I understand that a majority of these incidents, particularly those related to roaming, were mistakes, the bottom line is that when we are talking about constitutional rights, we need a system and culture that is zero-tolerance—the NSA must foster a culture and systems that fully protect the rights of the American people as it works to protect us from harm.

Watch CTTechJunkie.com’s interview with Himes on NSA surveillance::

“It is clear based on today’s reports that we need to examine and improve those systems and culture within the NSA and improve congressional oversight of our nation’s intelligence gathering. While a system of this magnitude will never be without errors, the intelligence community should lean into, not away from, reporting violations of privacy to Congress. I stand ready to work with my colleagues on the committee to ensure these kinds of mistakes do not happen again and that the civil liberties of the American people are being fully respected.”

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(3) Comments

posted by: ASTANVET | August 20, 2013  8:46am

HAHAHAHA - so when he had a chance to put the reigns on the NSA via the Amash ammendment he voted against it.  But NOW he sees that we need to put controls on the NSA…lets see if he proposes anything on the floor! In the words of ‘Bob’ “I doubt it”.

posted by: halifax | August 30, 2013  3:55pm


He passes on the amendment with a wink at the intel community.

No hero here, folks.

posted by: lisalake | September 1, 2013  2:37am

His statements are always the same.. here’s why I think you’re right… and here’s why I voted against you.